My Taste Was Astoundingly Good

"Kids, Incorporated" was my favorite show when I was in my late single digits. I always knew Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of the extremely talented cast members, but did you know that Mario Lopez and Fergie were, too? Fergie slash "Stacey" was the longest running character on the show, as they booted anyone off once puberty occurred.

Another random fact, the super talented Jenny Lewis (of Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley and her forthcoming duo band, Jenny & Johnny fame) was the daughter/"Hannah" in "Troop Beverly Hills," another amazing feat of entertainment. (Seriously, I loved that movie. When Shelley Long points to two pairs of shoes in a room covered with boxes and says, "I'll take the rest," I made a personal vow to reenact that exact scenario once old enough to wear heels. Hasn't happened yet. One can dream.)

Love discovering famous people's roles from back in the day. Like Julianne Moore as the ill-fated realtor checking out the greenhouse in "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle." Also a cinematic gem.

Now who's up for "Step Up 3D"?


  1. I love Rilo Kiley. In a strange turn of events it is felt between me and Lisa that I personally very nearly caused our plane to crash going to Milwaukee last year. Coming in for the landing I selfishly refused to turn off my ipod cause i wanted to finish the song i was listening to. Then the plane lost all steering cpability and the pilot had to pull some evasive manouvers to get us to the ground safely. Once I realized what was going on, i turned off the music and was appropriately scared shitless with the rest of the passengers. I'm glad I turned it off cause once i looked at the name of the song I freaked out. 'Plane Crash in C'. But I still love the band... and Jenny Lewis... but never saw that movie. Maybe I will now.

  2. That is pretty freaky. Though I'm positive your song did not cause the old, faulty wheels not to work . . . clearly a message was being sent. No electronics for you!

    The movie is tremendous in the 'I'm 13 and have braces but she's cooler than me way.' "The Wizard" may be more up your alley.