One Ticket on Turkish Air

Two years ago I traveled to Turkey with my sister Emily and friends and it was the shopping trip of a lifetime (right, the culture rocked, too). When I came back (with a 5 x 7 authentic hand-loomed rug, 18 colored glasses for the wedding, a traditional ceramic serving platter, olive oil soaps, Ottoman-style frame and then some) I informed Una that I had left half of my future house back in Istanbul. And we would be needing to return as soon as the IRS refund came through. 

To Jon's delight (or at least the bank account's), I have not had the chance to return. Spying Copy Cat Chic's white ottoman today reminded me of all of the beautiful textiles we saw. My friend James bought two poufs just like this for his apartment. I think this is a great find for a nursery, luxe bathroom, beach-inspired living room, or any bedroom. 

Serena & Lily Ottoman (fantastic website): $395.00 $122.99

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