Flower Class: Finale

After 8 weeks (of which I missed three classes due to traveling, boo), the floral course is officially over. While the rest of the ladies worked on a tropical arrangement (antherium, ginger, birds of paradise, palms, bamboo, etc.) last night, I made up for last week's missed tutorial: bouquets.

Grade: B (for effort and general shape, not precision or refinement). These puppies will take a lot of practice before they're presentable. All in all, a great class where I practiced different styles of arranging, learned flower cakes, bouquets, and pinned corsages. Plus, I had to buy flowers every week. They were supplies, Una! Homework!

Thinking of taking "Gardening for All Seasons" (you lay out and plan a garden that will flower continuously through spring, summer and fall), a one day sushi class and "Sewing for Beginners" (again) this fall. Decisions, decisions.

Check out your city's recreation offerings and see what they've got going on.

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