On a Stick

State Fair is in town, and that means only one thing: special times. Animal races, carnival rides, music, amazing people watching, food galore and games of chance (well, a few, such as the ever popular - "Guess What I Weigh!" Prize: My fist in your face. I suggest you aim low.)

I was prepared to hate the joint and be airlifted out of Wisconsin after witnessing the depths of its specialness. Instead, I had to be dragged out by Jon and only after it was promised I could return next year. I didn't get to go on the rides! I missed the pig races! What does a corn nugget taste like? Or a fried s'more? These are questions that must be answered!

It began with a million people.
Pretty much all in line for the famous cream puffs:
They are the size of small Volkswagens. Jon housed one.
Right outside the door is a selection of animal hides and heads unlike anything I have ever seen. Clearly, dead animal fur and a standing bear the size of a giant don't hinder a good appetite.
And what delicacies to be had! 
Cheese on a Stick! Still not exactly sure how that's different from a mozzarella stick on a kebob.
Fried S'mores
Corn Nuggets. (On a stick.)
Cherry Pie on a Stick. Really, what doesn't go on a stick?
Cranberry stomping.
Oh yeah, and the hat.

Good times.

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  1. You need to overnight me one of those creampuffs ASAP. My life depends on it. Please and thank you!

    ...But seriously...