Gus & Charlucci

Two of our dearest friends recently had babies and we finally met the little darlings! As a result, Una has full-on baby fever. Of course, this was helped by the fact that he would spend 30 minutes with said child, then disappear for 45 to play video games, drink beer or watch his new favorite show, Scare Tactics, with the husband. Oh, the cuteness!

Charlotte Grace, 7 months:
"Abbey! You're so funny! Look at me giggling away in my duck tub."
"I've got my eyes on you, Jon."
"You will pay for your insolence!"
"Ah, sweet toy. All is well. You are forgiven."

William Augustus - "Gus," born August 5th:
"Woah, that curly hair is mesmerizing."
"Curly Man, perhaps a diaper change?"
Fast friends. And only 10 days old!

They were adorable and perfect and we loved them. And then we flew home, me and my 29 year old child, Jon. 


  1. Baby fever for Una! I think you should get busy...
    (apologies...I'm on my second glass of wine).