Trash TV

I fully admit this: I have the television taste of a 12-year-old high on candy straws and Coke. America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl (this show is high brow, due to the extremely chic taste level of clothing), Top Chef, American Idol (back when it was good), The Next Food Network Star and Design Star. Jon calls this trash TV. I call it addictive.

I may have been known to rip out the ad page for an upcoming season of ANTM and 'X' out the eliminated contestants' faces as the season went along. 

I said "may."

Last night Design Star officially ended and the winner was Miss Emily Henderson, a catalogue and photo shoot prop stylist. The premise for her show is "clothing style to lifestyle" - designing a space based on your clothes (which Thom Filicia's show started out as several years ago, and later changed; love this show, BTW, though Style Network is not a current part of our cable package - rude and unfair and most likely done by Una). 

Genevieve Gorder has the worst hair/wig I've ever seen. This pic is not a good representation.
And Candice is enormous and Vern is a midge. 

Not sure if Emily's actual HGTV show is the same premise as they showed on the competition, but I'm pretty positive it will be added to the repertoire. 1) She looks to be around my age. 2) I like the vintage/global/flea market vibe - more accessible to young people who don't want things to be matchy-matchy. 3) I am bored with the other good shows, and everything else is tacktastic. (I am looking at you, David Bromstad. Don't even get me started.) 

I have a reality design show compulsion. There's really nothing I can do about this. And in the genius words of Vince Vaughn, a la the first church scene of Wedding Crashers

"Sorry I'm not sorry." 

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