Beta Testing Bespoke Suits

9tailors, a custom shirting company, has officially branched out into men's and women's suiting! The founder is one of my favorite college accomplices and an insanely motivated and brilliant individual. In fact, 9tailors just stole a place on Stuff magazine's Hot 100 List!

From now until September 1 (for men) and October 1 (for women), customers get 50% off the regular price of a custom suit.

Repeat: 50% off.

And all you have to do? Fill out a survey after purchase. Seriously, that's it! Go ahead and add a $90 button down to your order (mention Providence Classic, of course) & get 10% off the shirt.
This deal is available now for clients in Boston and New York. Email for suiting and shirting options and to get started. There are endless, endless choices!

Photo via 9tailors

Shop away!

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