Light the Streets of Milwaukee

I often remark how pale I am, especially in the summer months whilst standing beside a bronzed and glowing beauty with nary a freckle in sight (slash everyone but the Amish population, who continue to wear long sleeves and skirts in the dead heat of August). Usually, someone will follow this up with "You're not that white. You just need a tan."

People, I am that pale. 

Please observe a photo of me with my two sisters' from July 4th weekend. I will let you guess which ones are mine.

I was clearly hit with the "burn when inside a car with tinted windows while wearing SPF 70" stick, even as sisters and brother tan in a dang thunderstorm.

Biology decided not to replicate this gene with younger siblings. I will continue to tell myself it shall serve a purpose at a later date. Like if the electricity goes out in the dark of night and I need to light the streets of Milwaukee with my shins.


  1. Umm...when all of us are dealing with pre-cancerous growths at 40, you'll be the only one without wrinkles. I'm already jealous. have gorgeous skin.

  2. Yup, my thighs and shins will be wrinkle free. And they alone will be this away. Also, have you started to notice old people knees? I think I'm getting them!!!