When I was in high school, I had a thing for wood-paneling. Coincidentally, my best friend's parents had a seriously old-school station wagon (leather three-seater up front and sweet faux bois siding? Hell yes!) that I spent many a ride in. Unfortunately, they did not sell it to me for $1, as their daughter had shrewdly offered - most likely due to the fact that I was not yet 16 and would have probably borrowed the dollar from their own child.

This later turned into a quest for the Jeep Wagoneer, which is no longer in production and somewhat of a collector's item. After all these years, I spied it today in the perfect navy color in Tommy Hilfiger's fall 2010 ad campaign.

Photo via Habitually Chic

A tiny monogram on the door? Just rude.

Though I think those tires need replacing before this hits my driveway. Just saying, Tom Tom.


  1. The H monogram is perfect for me though! So glad you liked the photo!

  2. My uncle has one! It's amazing!

  3. My UP neighbor has one. . .so I have to look longingly at it everyday. These are so boss. Kings of old school. Why can't jeep bring them back? (And not in the way that Volkswagon did a lame attempt at bringing back the VW bug. . . but recreate it EXACTLY). I so wish. And, of course, the navy color is beyond! XXA