Flower Arranging, Class 3

Last Wednesday I sprinted home from class to pack my bags and clean the house before a 6 AM flight the next day to Boston, so didn't have time to post any pictures of my arrangement. And since they were going to dry up in an empty house with no one to appreciate their 4th of July fireworkness (last week's theme), I gave them to my friend Emmie.

Last night we had our third class and the focus was "moundies." Low, round arrangements in small containers. I chose to do roses and bought 2 dozen at a local supermarket, brazenly thinking that might be enough for two moundies. Hah! Not even enough for one. A beginner's mistake, this was because I made the center rose too tall, creating a bigger circumference that required more flowers. Had I started with a lower height, I would have likely been able to complete the arrangement.

The trick to moundies? Use Oasis 'foam' (ours rose an inch above the lip on the container) and start at the center with one flower. Slowly build circular rows around this central flower, each row slightly lower in height than the one before and hugging closely. 

Since I ran out of roses, I went nuts with the greens to fill the holes. Ta da!
 Here's another view. The container says "bloom." A gift from my mom.
Try it - it's really simple!

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