We'll Just Bathe in Beer

Jon saw the inside of our new rental house Saturday at 4:00 PM and loved it. Whew! Thank goodness.

Though any excitement about the new place quickly dissolved into temporary fury over the forty sealed boxes blanketing the floor. How do we have this much crap?! We donated/threw out five garbage bags full of stuff. And this after the yard sale we had a few weeks back. Seriously - we had to make two trips in a 17 foot U-Haul. Una, our hired movers and I were drenched in sweat (thank you, 90 degree Sunday), while Veloc rested coolly with her summer haircut, with no responsibilities other than eating bones and panting in the dirt under her favorite tree in the old backyard. 

We have no internet access until Thursday, which I realized last night after we finished unloading boxes and Hagrid-sized furniture, finally calmed Panic Pants (the elderly just don't like change!) and then keeled over onto the unmade mattress in the air conditioned bedroom. Conclusion: I would give up running water to have internet access.

We'll just bathe in beer.

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