The Little Things, Such as Fried Cheesecake

I somehow managed to disappear into the U.P. just when everyone that knows I owe them something decided to get together and DEMAND. IT. NOW! My fault, really.

Now that I have returned into the 5th circle of hell, posting has not only fallen off the wagon, so has showering, dressing anything more than my bottom half, brushing my teeth and putting on deodorant. This last one hurts myself the most, as I am closest to my own armpits. Dreadful. Thanks, Allen genes.

I will resurface at some point this weekend most likely to gripe about the fact that we are moving into the new rental house Sunday and haven't packed a damn thing. I'm also pretty sure Festa Italiana will win out over actually packing dishes on Saturday, and that we will find ourselves throwing individual plates into the trunk of the U-Haul come 12 PM Sunday just so we can get ourselves some fried cheesecake bites dipped in chocolate sauce. 

I am also totally cool with this. It's the little things that matter.

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