Simon Cowell & A Sinkhole

After American Idol blazed through Milwaukee yesterday for one of its open auditions, a tornado and massive, violent thunderstorms decided to reap their wrath on the city. As Una, Una's mom and I drove across the bridge from our new place to dinner, we quickly found ourselves stranded at the top of the bridge with visibility of . . . 5 feet. Literally. Fog and rain surrounded us in torrents. By the time we got off the closest exit (to discover a manhole burst open and overflowing in a major downtown street) we realized we were complete and utter idiots for attempting to drive in such weather.

5 hours later we are currently stuck in the house as snake lightening (touching the ground - and two people - across the entire city), flash flooding and overall mayhem continues. 25,000 people have lost power, an Escalade tumbled into a massive sinkhole just blocks from our old house and the rain continues to build.

Photo vis

8 inches and counting.