My Life in Cliff's Notes

Ahh! Boy, have we been busy. I still have photos from the U.P. with Anne and "Donuts" (real name, Jonas - perhaps I had one drink too many when someone said hello to the native Yuper, prompting me to mishear the pronunciation), pics from the national disaster storm and updates from Jon's mom's visit this past weekend. Here's the Cliff's Notes version:
View from Mackinac Island, a horse-and-carriage only town that is about as picturesque as it gets. Obviously we visited three bars. 
The Upper Peninsula is a series of islands. Main mode of transportation? Boat. 
  Sunset over the water and one of the many islands near Anne's cabin. Perhaps the most relaxing place I've ever been to. Check it out:
Back in Milwaukee for? Thursday's Tornado
Submerged Parking Lot
Normally a very busy street, sans floating telephone poles.
Bystander's photo of the sinkhole. Looks like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.
This person should A) be seriously concerned and B) in a scuba suit.
Flower birthday cake, a la Wednesday's flower arranging class, for Lynne (Una's mom). Also had my first cake decorating class, though it was not interactive. And no, we didn't get to eat the cake. Clearly not the class I thought I was signing up for.
Per usz, our weekend was centered around food, food and more food. Such as: Mexican, sushi, brats, hot dogs, crepes (above), custard, buttered popcorn (yes!), Comet Cafe and more. Of course we're chubbier.
Brady Street Festival - you can't be asked to listen to music without somewhere to put your drink! What kind of people ask you to stand and hold your beer? Rude people, that's who.
Wing Zone mascot. Embarassment factor: 1 jillion (that's more than a million or billion people, I made it up). Loving it? 100%.
Lounging on the porch. Just before Lynne nearly lost a finger trying to move her bone. 
Milwaukee skyline via a harbor/river boat tour. To be repeated with future guests - perfect weather and gorgeous views.
Anyone up for a visit?

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