Holy Heat & Popcorn Dinner

Wow. It is hot and we do not have AC. Thank goodness Veloc got a haircut last week or else we'd have a permanent shag rug on the ground.

This weekend was wonderful, with a family wedding, trips to the beach, and catching up with old friends, including one who is 7 months pregnant. Jon and I landed at General Mitchell airport at 10:30 PM on Monday night and practically sleep-drove home. Those Midwest Airline warm chocolate chip cookies were lifesavers.

Today's agenda includes sweating as little as possible on the furniture, refilling Veloc's water bowl ten times, monitoring the shanty the local hammertime homeless man has constructed between our house and our neighbor's, avoiding any and all workouts and immediately driving to Walmart to purchase two brand new AC units.

To escape last night's heat Jon suggested we see "Eclipse" at our favorite iPic theater. For a fairly offensive midwest price that we former New Yorkers didn't even blink an eye at, you can select the exact seats you want online, letting one stroll in any old time to claim them. Feel like stopping for a glass of wine and an order of quesadillas to be brought to your seat? Certainly, sir. 

Hands down, the best part of all is that each seat comes with its own large popcorn. No sharing! (Which is a plus for both Jon and for me, as we both know I am extremely territorial when it comes to my favorite food of all time: movie theater butter popcorn.) This is known in our house as Popcorn Dinner.

Jon: "Popcorn Dinner tonight?"

Moi: "Music to my ears!" or "After last night's Akimbo burger, we really shouldn't. Plus, I sort of ate a mini pre-dinner dinner for no good reason other than the leftover Palermo pizza was staring at me and it would have been a waste to run the dishwasher without its dirty plate."

Clearly the first one always wins. Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. And Jacob's enormous arms.

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