Festa Lasagna

We made it to Festa Italiana Saturday night after packing everything we owned. I was so exhausted I referred to it as Festa Lasagna to the cashier. Most likely offensive, but not nearly as offensive as the food that was offered. Jon ate chicken parm, an Italian sausage and gelato. I had penne and meatballs and a bag of buttered popcorn. The butter gathered at the corner of the bag and leaked onto my right foot and flip flop. Still didn't stop me from eating all of it. 

While there was a tremendous sand castle that took 350 hours to build and stood 20 feet tall with a giant Pinocchio presiding at the top, the rest of the festival is really about eating. Here is a sample menu:

Yes, that is a fried sirloin sandwich called the "Steak Bomb," as well as a genius invention called "Pizza Fries." And still no one believes me back home when I tell them about the food here. 

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