Thanks, Folks

It was so nice to read the comments on my last post. I'm not going to leave, at least not now. I won't lie though, I do kind of wish something would magically make it impossible to continue. Like me accidentally breaking an arm slipping on ice in the driveway heading out on a casual errand to Walgreen's. Those fantasies are totally normal, I am told.

Anywho, I'm here. And I'll keep trying. Unlike the Packers, whose quest for the Super Bowl died this past Sunday after a terrific game. (45-45 into overtime . . . until QB Aaron Rodgers fumbled for a Cardinals touchdown. Devastating loss.)

We attended a Packers chili party thrown by one of Jon's colleagues, a true blue Wisconsin sports fan. In typical Mili-wau-kay style, there were Bloody Mary's, complete with a microbrew chaser (spoiled rotten over here in beerland). Check out the garnish on this piece of spicy tastiness:

That would be: lemon, lime, onion, shrimp, string cheese, beef jerky, asparagus and something else I don't remember or recognize.

We also feasted on two types of chili (chicken and beef), homemade corn bread, salmon dip, Mexican cheese dip, plum cheese dip and assorted chips. I was introduced to a drink called the 007 - I am not a fan of rum, but this was dangerously delicious: 40% Bacardi O, 40% Sprite/7-Up, 20% Orange Juice. Quite refreshing on a Sunday afternoon and perfect for a brunch!

I brought the baked Mexican layer dip and it's always a hit. Maybe not the most elegant, but so freakin' good it doesn't matter. Here's my recipe (and believe me when I say that no one, not one single boy, has ever been able to taste the "diet-friendly" ingredients):

1 can chili (I use fat-free vegetarian chili, just in case)
1 8 oz. package cream cheese (I use reduced fat)
1 package shredded Mexican-blend cheese (reduced fat, again)
1 green bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
1/2 onion
1 tomato

Preheat over to 350 degrees.
Layer the following ingredients in a baking dish (cream cheese, chili, shredded cheese).
Bake until cheese is bubbling (approx. 15 minutes). Chop peppers, onion and tomato.
Remove from oven and add chopped vegetables. Bake 10 more minutes and serve. (If you're traveling, add veggies and heat for 10 minutes at your party destination.)
Return home with empty dish.

I made Jon take a photo of the icicles hanging off the host's porch (yeah, people are weirded out when the two of us grab our phones and start snapping away at their private goods; hasn't stopped us yet). Here's a sample of the kinds of views we enjoy daily here, due to the "lake effect."

While getting a refill beer on the porch (who needs refrigerators when it's this cold anyway?), an enraged guest broke each icicle off with his bare hands. Just awesome.

To conclude, this was not a day for our diets.

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