I Shot Myself In The Foot With This One

"This is now a real Wisconsin winter, though we're missing the snow."

What an a-hole. Check out the view outside our bedroom window at 8:00 AM this morning. This photo does not adequately convey the amount of snow on the ground nor what's coming down so thick it's like a coating of Houston's dog fur every time a flake touches something solid. Yikes.

It took 25 minutes to drive 2 miles and there were two near misses with parked cars. Rita needs a winter wardrobe, specifically in the shoe department.

Forecast January 7th:

Accumulations should reach 8 to 10 inches . . . Northerly winds will develop later Thursday afternoon . . . resulting in blowing and drifting snow. North to northeast winds will increase to 15 to 20 MPH with gusts to 30 MPH this evening. . . Severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring [duh]. . . that will make travel dangerous.

Welcome to Wisconsin!

P.S. 30 MPH winds?! It's currently 20 degrees. That's like thousands of tiny flying ice picks stabbed into your eyeballs at the speed of a car!

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