Next Stop on the Eating Train

Friday night we hit up Bacchus, one of Milwaukee's nicest restaurants, started by the Bartolotta family (a rare splurge for us and only because we sold the NYC apartment just before Christmas). Suffice it to say that we went overboard with the food: our waiter told us at the end of the night that "you guys ate a lot." The menu included a "Breakfast of Champions" (miniature brioche French toast topped with sauteed foie gras, a quail egg, a sliver of local bacon, bourbon maple glaze and apple-pear compote - holy Jesus, it was the best thing we ate all night), seasonal mushroom soup with truffle oil, a 'middle course' of fresh tagliatelle pasta with lobster, a flank steak for Jon, short ribs for me (what?), chocolate mousse and chocolate chip cookie bars topped with hazelnut ice cream and whipped cream.

What diet?

Followed by homemade enchiladas on Saturday (we call this healthy, as it was made at home) and dinner at Milwaukee's #1 rated pizza place last night, Zaffiro's. Attempting to keep it light we had an appetizer of 2 homemade meatballs (officially the only ones I like other than my mother's turkey meatball recipe) and an "EBF" pizza - 'everything but fish' (those anchovies have a high salt level content*). The pizza was a thin crust variety, you know, so that was better for the belly, too. Have to watch the carbs! And we took home leftovers. I think it's pretty clear we exercised restraint.

January is often known as "The Thaw" in our family, a time to cleanse out the system. We're taking that more in the direction of actual melting ice, thereby allowing us to leave the house . . . and try more restaurants.

*Technically, I made that up, but it sounds likely.

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