Saz's is a local barbecue place famous for their ribs and sauce - we hit it up last night to watch the Vikings - Saints game.

Ribs for an appetizer (delicious - best ever, and I am not a ribs fan):

Followed by a pork sandwich for Jon and the specialty burger for me (topped with cheese, bacon, onion rings and bbq sauce - plus the pickles I added). I conquered half of my meal, and just barely. And I never plan on rereading that burger description again.

Yes, you are correct in gauging that burger to be half the size of my face. Those french fries are sour cream and chive and the most delicious fries I have ever had. Since we both ate them, we cancelled each other out with the horrendous breath. Houston may have noticed, but let's be real - her mouth smells like a latrine. I don't even want to investigate that comment further.

And then Jon wanted dessert. Right. To match our giant butts we went with the Giant Sundae, which our waiter said "was big enough for two people." If a Milwaukeean is calling it a large portion, we're pretty much effed.

 Which we were. Photo of completely clean dessert bucket coming soon. Perhaps I will reconsider that and destroy the evidence.

Thank God for stretch pants.
(Seriously, I wore them to the restaurant and too chubby and tired to change later, went straight to bed in them. I'm reaching lows I didn't even know existed over here! You know, except for the ones that come on the scale. Happy Monday!)

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