Late Night Convo

Getting comfy in bed the other night, mashing my pillows, I turned to look at Jon and his new haircut, which was extending in all directions away from his head courtesy of a squash match.

Moi: Woah . . . You have a helmet. It is officially two inches in length on all sides of your head. It is literally a helmet of curly human hair.

Jon: [Dagger eyes.]

I quickly averted my face to the side and returned to punching pillows. In the midst of my mashing and Jon attempting to get comfortable on his own set of pillows (we are very specific about whose is whose and the order in which they lay), my elbow flew out unexpectedly and stabbed Jon directly in his eye hole.

Jon: What are you crazy? [Hand over damaged eyeball. Dagger out of the remaining good eye.] Watch it!

And because I was really going for gold that night:

Moi: Too bad that helmet didn't come with a face guard.

Followed by hysterical laughter. And me sleeping alone.

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  1. Special times. I think that might be part of the Lake Effect too.