I Said I Was a Florist

So here's some actual proof.

Out of the now 6 arrangements I've made, I've never posted a picture. Because I've never taken one (more like shoved them in the store's front cooler and never looked at them again). Here are two photos of an arrangement I made yesterday - it actually looks much more normal than this first photo suggests (I did not, in fact, make devil horns out of larkspur). There are eucalyptus branches that mimic the shape. I have no idea why you can't see them.

I had to use blue glass beads in the vase, which dictated the color palette. Greens: Salal (broad green leaf) and pit (small green leaves with white edges) with eucalyptus for height. (Oh, dang do I hate the smell of eucalyptus. It has the same effect on me that the smell of oriental lilies - such as the stargazer - does. Shudder.)

Flowers: Spider mums, roses, purple carnations (these are pretty ones), larkspur, sunflower, monte casino asters, and alstromeria.

Ah, a better photo. Left the hanging valentine 'curtain' in the picture as a vision of some of the Valentine's decor covering every inch of the shop. Get your roses early, people!

Valentine's Day is a Sunday this year.


  1. I love it too, Abbey! And Congrats on selling the apartment. How in the world did I miss this news until now?? I'm so happy for you and Jon.

  2. Wow, I think I'm realizing that we didn't tell anyone, totally by accident! Sold!

  3. Yeah abbey!! Beautiful and great balance!