And Why You Should Not See Revolutionary Road

Yesterday Jon picked me up at work (even though it's just a three block walk, the wind has made the 10 steps to the car painful. My boss also announced that 'this' is now a real Wisconsin winter, though we're missing the snow.). Jon handed me a piece of paper with a photo of Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (the handsome brother from "Match Point" who dates Scarlett Johanssen before the crazy dude from The Tudors steals her.). Turns out the secretary at his work, famous for her calling schemes to local radio stations for anything in a giveaway, had won two free tickets to see "Leap Year" and offered them to Jon.

We trek 25 minutes out to Brookfield, which is in the middle of nowhere. I mean, really. The city looks pointless. It's so cold Jon is in his usual non-work outfit of head to toe sweat materials and I am wearing a hand-me-down fur coat. It's vintage in style and fact (over 60 years old), hits me just at the knee, with bell sleeves and the original lining intact. It was a gift and I love it. [Fur haters (and I understand your stance), the poor animal that did not live for this coat, has now gone on to lead a much longer life than nature intended. Further than that, we can agree to disagree.]

This coat is the sartorial version of wearing a furnace strapped to my body. It's amazing. Jon wants me to get down on all furs and see how Houston reacts, but since the thing's so old, clearly doesn't smell like an animal, and will just look like me in a coat, I don't think she's going to care. He's also jealous that a fur on a man is not only 'not PC,' but beyond flamboyant.

Clearly we are dressed to impress. We arrive at the Majestic Theater, an old theater that has been converted into a multiplex with restaurants. Not the Sbarro counter, but restaurants. We get in line because it appears everyone in the state of Wisconsin has decided to see a movie tonight. Mind you, it's 40 minutes before showtime. And guess what? The show sold out of the free tickets at 6:00 PM. AN HOUR AND A HALF before it started. On a Tuesday. Because there's nothing else to do.

So we take our sweatpants and old fur back to Rita and drive home and watch Revolutionary Road on TV. Um, holy crap was that a serious movie. Where was the warning sign for "depressing content"? Someone actually told me they really liked that movie. Are you crazy?! Kate Winslet should pick something lighthearted next time. Revolutionary Road and The Reader in one year? Having a conversation about her work was probably like throwing yourself in front of an oncoming train.

Jon and I were traumatized. We promptly went to bed, speechless. And then slept through Jon's alarm this morning, thereby missing his squash date, obviously still scarred from the movie.

The kicker? Walking downstairs, I discovered Houston had crapped on the living room rug.

Jeez, that movie took a toll on all of us.


  1. I am dying to see Leap Year as I am in LOVE with Matthew Goode- seriously. Johnny depp and Matthew Goode. LOVE.

    I refuse to see revolutionary road due to its hardcore depressing content. Will not, cannot, watch someones marriage go to hell. sounds extremely disturbing.

    Note to you - order Love in a cold Climate off Amazon. so perfect to watch in cold weather - BBC series made into a movie. you will LOOOOOOVE


  2. Excellent! More than the marriage - it was a snapshot of how stifling and limited women's lives were in the 50s. None of the women were happy. But Kate Winslet's characted was majorly depressed/mentally ill. At least, that's how I took it. Made me feel sad for our grandmothers.

  3. That movie should come with a warning: Do not watch this movie with your wife/husband/partner/significant other.

    I watched it with my brother...which was perfect. We had a really intense conversation afterward.