Wis Biz Rocks

Last night Una and I attended the Wisconsin Business Hall of Fame (oh yes, it exists) Annual Awards Night where his boss received the Distinguished Executive of the Year Award. No one really had any idea what was planned for the evening other than we knew it involved a lot of talking (each recipient had a video and a personal introduction, along with their own speech). 

After the emcee spoke and before an 11-year-old boy sang solo to a crowd of 700, the sponsors introduced themselves and congratulated the award winners. One of these sponsors just happened to be AirTran Airways and the handsome, lively, just delightful young gentleman gave a great opener.

Wherein he announced that one person at each table would win a pair of roundtrip business class tickets. And that winner was . . . the person with the closest birthday to yesterday's date. 


Hell yes! I never win anything! I think I flew business class once by accident years ago when my seat was changed. Bring it on, b*tches! Now, will it be California or the Caribbean, hmm . . . 

Pretty sure Una and I will be attending any charity or awards event his boss is recognized at for the foreseeable future. 

Wis Biz rocks.

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