Royal Wedding Countdown

So my two friends and I will be meeting at 4:45 AM next Friday to watch the royal wedding festivities as they occur. In preparation, I watched the Lifetime movie "William & Kate," a tremendous achievement of cinematic . . . mediocrity. 

I still cried. I blame the pregnancy hormones.

(Takeaway? Will and Kate are both so boring there is no story; hence the 3-minute mini-scenes throughout the 2 hour 'film.' For their sake, I consider this a good thing. Maybe interest will die down once they're married and Naughty Harry is the lone single royal wolf. Now his story would have been interesting.)

Lifetime is really getting after this royal wedding. Project Runway alums from all 8 seasons have designed wedding gowns for Kate (or Katherine, as the Palace likes to call her now). Here's a sampling :

By Nick Verreos, Season 2

By Vincent Libretti, Season 3

By Sweet P, Season 4

By Rami Kashou, Season 4

By Leanne Marshall, Season 5 Winner

By Louise Black, Season 6

By Shirin Askari, Season 6

By Ben Chmura, Season 7

By Mondo Guerra, Season 8

By Michael Costello, Season 8

Check out the full collection here!

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