Month 9 or Water Retention

I may be a bit hormonal. 

Yesterday while getting dressed in front of the mirror (horrendous idea, it should be permanently draped in a black cloth like a house in mourning until baby arrives), my maternity jeans suddenly got stuck . . . on my butt

The things would not move. By the time I got them on (having vowed I would wear the pants or-else-god-help-this-fabric-the-makers-of-these-jeans-and-the-next-person-who-starts-with-me) I was in a full body sweat and more hostile than a sleep-deprived 2 year old.

My morning activity consisted of purchasing cupcakes for my next door neighbor's birthday from the previously-mentioned bakery. This turned into 2 cupcakes for her . . . and 6 for me.

No, I don't see the connection between these two events. 

I'm blaming water retention.

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