A Headboard, At Last!

Ah, the headboard!

I had plans to finish it in September. Here we are at last, dear friend, almost 9 months later. You took nearly as long to grow as our dear babe. How it all went down . . . 

Step 1: Inspiration photo: Hamish Bowles's headboard from his Paris apartment, featured in Elle Decor.

Next stop: DIY Central. 

 Tracing a similar shape

 Using one side's cut template to trace the other side's guidelines. Would not do this again. Find an exact template online (so you can be sure your sides are even) or fold a large piece of paper in half at the start, draw away, and then cut symmetrical sides. 

 Finished plywood template (post jigsaw - boy, has that thing paid for itself).

 Cover with foam and batting. I used 2-inch foam, but would likely try and find something thicker next time, based on the height of the headboard (four feet tall, so we can sit up against it to read!).

 Ready for fabric!

 This time I took care, since the fabric bolt was obviously not as wide as a bed, to center the pattern and align the additional pieces before sewing. Unlike the bed skirt. 

Hell yeah! Check out that seam attaching two of the three pieces together - right down the center of the blue ikat pattern. Very proud of myself.

And the final product, complete with matching bed skirt. I'm exhausted.

Total cost? Around $150.00, including fabric (majority of cost), batting and materials. 


  1. Whoaaaa, Abs that looks great! Wanna make me one now?! Just kidding!...unless you want to...

  2. It is A W E S O M E! Congratulations!

  3. Wow, Abbey! That's amazing! It's gorgeous!

  4. seriously impressed!! this looks fantastic! xxA

  5. Nice work, Abbey! Mad skills.