Breakfast with a Princess

Una and I arose at 4 AM central time in order for me to drop him off at work before heading to my friend Emmie's apartment to watch the royal wedding. Emmie, Sunny and I donned tiaras and ate eggs while watching the festivities. It's now 7:45 AM and my morning's spent.

The dress? Beautiful, but safe and boring. I was hoping for something more modern. I've decided Kate - excuse me, Princess Catherine (official title, Princess William of Wales, as she is not of royal descent and must take Will's name) - had her sister and maid of honor Pippa wear the dress she really wanted, and went with a traditional, Grace Kelly-esque style for the Queen's sake. Might as well throw your grandmother-in-law a bone and get in her good graces early (you know she rules the palace roost with a glove-covered iron fist; lady does not mess around). Both dress designs by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Pippa Middleton

Royal Breakfast, Milwaukee Styles.
Don't judge - it was early and I was having a hot flash.

My favorite part of the ceremony was the singing of "God Save the Queen." Which everyone participated in . . . except the Queen. Of course you can't sing a song about yourself. Just amazing.

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