Trivia Queen

A few weeks back the Trivia Masters held a Quiz Bowl, complete with costume requirements and a Wii tournament. Our team* chose to dress as the Royal Family (assuming an easy win, given our Trivia Master is British). 

Sadly, the whole thing was rigged and a bunch of overweight gentlemen in half shirts that spelled out "Quiz Bowl" won over our group's fantastic showing (which included the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate and Wils, the Duke, and a quite elegant Camilla Parker Bowles). 

Karmically, first prize turned out to be a couple of crappy digital cameras ("one step up from a throwaway," per our Trivia Master). Today we realized all was not lost. The Queen has made an official appearance on the trivia home page!

*Jon and I were en route back from Mexico and sadly had to miss the festivities. 

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