Wedding Favors

In honor of the wedding of the decade (century?), manufacturers across the globe have crafted clever knick knacks to commemorate this magnificent occasion. Here, I've culled a day's worth of memorabilia for the royal-obsessed.

Breakfast: Sow your royal oats while eating your way up the social ladder.

Followed by a British must, tea (note Kate dripping in dollar bills).

One wouldn't dare attend a royal party without a manicure.

Back home late-night, hit the fridge for snacks.

What else? A Papa Johns Pizza with condiment faces.

Now you've eaten too much - thank God for your sick bags (for when you need to "throne up").

Bedtime! Class all the way.
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  1. Oh my word this is the best thing I've ever seen. I want those royal duvet covers so bad. I just can't think of anything better for my bed.