Go, Pack, Go!

Bengals 31 - Packers 24

Alas, our one and only Packers game ended in a loss. Lambeau Field, however, was awesome.

Named after Curly Lambeau, the former Packer player and head coach (and supposedly the first professional football player to become a head coach), Lambeau Field is built like a giant bowl, unlike most stadiums which are divided into tiers. This means that though it holds 60,890 fans, it feels like you're hanging out with half that number. Everyone is sitting together in one giant yellow and green mass. Intimate and energized - major football fans in a lowkey venue. Basically the diametric opposite of the new Cowboys stadium (suck it, Jerry!) - and yet another apt description of Wisconsinites. Humble and friendly, but serious about their passions.

Seeing a game at Lambeau Field feels like you are back in college on a perfect Saturday afternoon with a lot of time and beer on your hands (oh, the possibilities those Saturdays held!). You sit on metal bleachers (holy hell winter, friends) and rub elbows, love handles and thighs with the person next to you. Only the team happens to be amazing and made up of human giants in skintight lycra. Seriously, you cannot possibly realize how large these men are until you're 20 rows from the field and you can still see. every. muscle. One hombre in particular caught my eye with his flowing locks (a curly ponytail to his WAIST - take that, Polamalu) and . . . the biggest rear end I have ever seen on a male in my entire life. Bengals D, you know who you are.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

 Lambeau Field. Check out the boxes up top. High rollers (yes, heat sounds lovely, thank you).

Oh yeah, and the name 'Packer'? Comes from the original team name, Acme Meatpackers. Amazing.
(Side note: Witnessed an older gentleman dressed entirely in an Acme Packer 20's-style uniform. Wish I had photographed.)

These overalls were everywhere. I sense Christmas stocking stuffers!

No, that is not real hair. It is attached to the visor. Brilliant.
Please meet Visor Hair's friend, Darth Packer.

So Lambeau was awesome. We also hit up a Brewers game on Saturday. Our dear friend Dr. Blakey visited us this weekend, which meant we did it up, Milwaukee-style. More next post. Adios, friends.

*My husband is the biggest die-hard Giants fan I have ever met and will be grinning 'til Christmas after this past Sunday night's game. Go, Eli!


  1. i will be your first official comment! that visor with spikey hair just might be my favorite...although those overalls are a close second.

  2. Dear Laverne,
    I can see that people in Milwaukee take big fashion risks with their big butts! Too much cheese and beeeeeeer.


  3. (Laverne) "This is the second best thing that I've ever felt." (refering to a fur coat)

    (Shirley) "I treat my body as a temple, Laverne. You have chosen to treat yours as an amusement park."

    Gots to love it.