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Don't know if anyone's clicked on the sites to the right. But seriously, I need to discuss one in particular: Sea of Shoes.

This is the blog of a sixteen-year old Texas high school student with the shoe collection of an editor at French Vogue. (How?) AND who was not only featured in a recent issue of American Vogue, but has since received an invitation to the Crillon Ball in Paris and will be wearing a Chanel haute couture dress for free.

Of course, it helps that she's sweet and unfazed (you know, aside from the collection of Alaia boots) and could fit into my fourth grade, acid-washed jeans. Actually, she probably owns them. Girlfriend is an eclectic dresser. She also has a closet full of designer clothing whose names I can't pronounce and lists Karl Lagerfeld as "Dad" on her blog.*

I feel old and jealous.

At least I can have a glass of wine in my Forever 21 heels! Hah!
You know, it's the little things that matter.

(Though seriously, this kid is pretty impressive. *And that's amazing.)

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