Meet Rita

As in Camrita. 12 years young, awesomely gold with leather seats, a non-functioning sunroof, unattached CD player in the trunk and 160,000 miles. Drives like a dream, people.

And currently clean due to recent rain storms. Take that, bird sanctuary!

AND, since being informed by our new auto insurance company that my license, in fact, expired in March of 2008 (and not 2012, as I made up in my head), I now also have a valid "probationary" license from Wisconsin. That just means that if I get a speeding ticket, etc., I get more points against my record than someone with a regular license. Whatever.

So Camry takes us to and from Jon's work every day at 6:00 AM and to and from Walmart about twice a week. (What? It's cheap.) I find all of this amusing.


  1. yes the camrita! It is like your version of the golden egg....somthing magical will happen to you soon.