Livin' on the Edge in Milwaukee

Gas Grill from Walmart: $30.00
Bubba's Burgers from Pick 'N Save: $8.96
Grill Accessories from Dollar Mart: $3.00
1/4" Rope to Attach Grill to Wood Deck Railing: $2.59 
Family grilling with the added thrill of a potential house fire? Priceless.

Introducing The Grill!

Under expensive protection against rain and future snow.

Grill closed and open with charred remains of previous meals.
It's Iron Chef 2 over here.

And now for a closeup of the knots. Yes, that is thin, flammable rope holding the metal grill to the wood deck. Please note the proximity of the right knot to the gas attachment.

We're extreme grillers.

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