Jazz on the Park

Summer series in Milwaukee - Jazz on the Park

Live jazz bands every Thursday, free and open to the public. Food, mixed drinks and beer sold out of tents, with tons of people bringing their own wine, cheese and snacks. In typical Milwaukee style, you don't just sit on the grass (such newbies, Jon and I). Oh no, chairs, cocktail tables, candles, wine glasses - much like tailgating at a Brewers game, the living room travels with you. Last night was the last one for 2009 and featured Chicago band, Bumpus. Sounded a bit like Jamiroquai.

Bumpus and the 'gaters.
We're awkwardly lounging in the dirt and grass behind these folks. At least we remembered the wine.

Tents: Massage (okay), kettle corn, Louise's restaurant and mojitos and margaritas.

The park sits in the center of downtown highrises, the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus and apartments. The park was once the site of the first courthouse and jail. Awesome.

"On this Site Stood the First Court House 1836 - 1870"
"First Jail 1836-1847"

Then the convicts got rowdy and had to be moved down by the river, those troublemakers.


  1. OMG- It's like Prov's WaterFire without the fire. Did you see any public makeouts? Because...then it wouldn't be so much like WaterFire.

  2. I wish. It was a mix of stoned college kids and old people. Plus us.