Room and Water

Una and I had a tradition in college for special holidays (birthdays, Valentine's, graduation, the all-important 6-month anniversary) of going to Morton's Steakhouse for dinner. We developed quite the taste for their steaks (the cajun ribeye and filet, in particular) and quickly realized that we probably had to eat there more often than every few months. Our genius solution, being unemployed students living on our parents' dimes, was to have "Steak and Water." Wherein we would drive to Boston, order our steaks, eat the delicious (and complimentary) onion bread, and wash it all down with fresh, icy tap water. It was a tremendous coup and worth every 2-pounder that I finished all by my chubby self.

And though I had once imagined life at 30 to involve Manolo Blahniks, St. Barth's and seasonal trips to Paris (maybe at 31? 35?), it appears not much has changed since my university days. Case in point: the wedding we're attending this weekend is at The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. The Ritz. This is clearly way overdue in my estimation. As part of the wedding party, it was necessary that I stay near the bride, and not at the Holiday Inn down the road, which Una originally booked and I then cancelled. While discussing my excitement this week and what I planned to order off of room service (late-night pancakes and foie gras - happening!), I was quickly informed that this jaunt was of the "Room and Water" variety.


Strike one for the defense. 

However, I am a wily and clever (some might say "fair but amazing") competitor. Strategic dining and spa maneuvers to ensue.

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