Sad, Bad Monday!

Oh boy, we did it up. With a lot of beer.

Flight of Horny Goat beer, demolished at lunch on Thursday.

Sobelman's burger restaurant. Mom and dad sampled fried cheese curds. Unfortunately, while there we learned that Sobelman's lost to local rival A.J. Bombers in last Thursday's Food Wars episode. 
My dad's response: Why are we eating at the losers place? 
Tough crowd.

Their famous bloody mary, complete with beer chaser (to the left) and the following garnishes: beef jerky, lemon, pickle, olive, celery, cheese cube, mini shrimp, cherry tomato, brussel sprout.

Lakefront Brewery tour, which my parents loved. I used the VIP entrance for those of us regulars (as this was my 7th tour). 

Then we were off to a bridal shower (my mom and I) and after that the Madison - Ohio State game! It was ridiculous! Thank you, Lise and Ags!

Mom and Barry Alvarez. People kept coming over and touching him. As in, rubbing his man boobs. Nice.
Badger fan. This was our view as we watched the incredible kickoff return for a touchdown! My dad was enthralled by the badger's nails.
81,000 fans
Rushing the field after the 31 - 18 historic win! #1 went down!

Awesome weekend, all around. Sad, bad Monday!


  1. Umm...your hair looks awesome! Very, very nice. So glad you had a fun weekend with your parents. Porter gets to see another member of your family this coming weekend...and he's psyched!

  2. Have no idea why I am shiny face though! Was not particularly warm.