Flowers for All Seasons & Then Some

Starting up a garden class tonight (goal is to design a backyard garden that blooms three seasons out of the year; personal garden knowledge = black thumb). My sewing class - there were two options, and I thought I had signed up for the same one I'd taken previously - has two more substitute sessions to come and has been a bit of a bust. Also have a sushi tutorial on Thursday, which Jon has already reminded me of twice. And starting up weekly trivia again; our team's name? "The shorter guy with curly hair is single. Anyone?" 

On an actual scholarly level, my UWM grad level literary theory class continues to kick my rear end. Last week was Heidegger, this week is Barthes and Brecht. Am already nervous about the final paper, as I have zero idea what I will do, and in typical overeager PhD student fashion, over half the class has already met with the professor to finalize their project. 

Well, I made two throw pillows for the couch last week! 

Big time burn.

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  1. I guarantee those throw pillows made you happier than writing a paper. Let's see the pillows!