Holy Lamps

Newlywed Diaries posted about table lamps yesterday, owning up to the fact that she has 10. I . . . also have 10. And I'm constantly looking for new ones. 

But have you noticed how expensive lamps are? It's nuts. So finding a good-looking one that isn't several hundred dollars is difficult. In fact, our living room table lamps are two Salvation Army finds that I spray-painted white. They look great, but I'd trade them in a heartbeat for a Christopher Spitzmiller. Sigh. At four hundo and higher (per), these puppies are out of my reach.

So I challenged myself to find some pretty, "inexpensive" substitutes. Everything under $200 (lamps just aren't cheap!), most without shades, and 22" or taller. 

JC Penney Cindy Crawford Ceramic Lamp on sale for $84.99

JC Penney Hobnail Glass Lamp on sale for $94.99 (so darling in a bedroom!)

Kmart Ore Lamp (in stone, hot pink and avocado, too) for $109.99
[Target's got a disturbingly close copy for $159.99. As in, the same exact lamp.]

Target Teardrop Lamp (also in white and black) for $34.99 

Target Genie Lamp (gorgeous!) for $229.99
*It's over 200, but it's so pretty.

Target Porcelain Lamp for $149.99

Overstock Crackled Jar-Shape Lamp for $123.99

PB Teen Resin Bubble Up Lamp on sale for $49.99

Pottery Barn Alexis Lamp for $105.00

Lamps-Plus Ceramic Porcelain Lamp for $159.99

Lamps Plus Robert Abbey Ceramic Double Gourd Lamp 
(in many colors and finishes) for $156.91

Lamps Plus Robert Abbey Ceramic Genie Lamp (in several colors) for $151.91

Lamps Plus Golden Yellow Porcelain Gourd Lamp for $179.91

Lamps Plus Crackle Square Urn Porcelain Lamp for $199.91

Lamps Plus Haeger Potteries Cottage Ceramic Lamp for $149.91

Lamps Plus Bravi Collection Globe Lamp for $89.98

Home Decorator's Mimic Lamp for $105.00

Home Decorator's Crackled Lamp for $199.00

Home Depot Hampton Bay Ribbed Lamp on sale for $29.88
Photos via JC Penney, Kmart, Target, Overstock, PB Teen & Pottery Barn, Lamps-Plus, Home Decorator's Collection, Home Depot.

That was exhausting! I've also found some nice colorful ceramic options at TJ Maxx in their store's home section, yet continue to not pull the trigger. I'm still thinking about them. Pretty sure that means I should buy them. 

Think so. Yes. Heading to the car.

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