It's That Time of Year Again

For Christmas, apparently. My sister emailed me stockings in her local CVS, I witnessed my first Santa-themed commercial this afternoon, and Cathedral Park is already getting set up with its massive light Christmas tree and ornament-covered arch. Ahem, it's October 28th. 

Una and I have a Halloween work party of his this weekend (complete with live band), as well as a Bay View couple's soiree to attend. He's going as a biker and sad to say, I think I'm going as Karate Chick again. Haven't found anything good (though we were informed one of his colleagues is going as Teen Wolf and another as Kim Jong-Il; the latter's wife is a nuclear weapon). I think I need to step up my game. 

But in the spirit of Christmas, since clearly that's where we are out here in Milwaukee, I thought I'd pass along a cute ritual I recently read in a magazine. Every year when she was younger, the contributor's mother had purchased each child an ornament that pertained to a milestone of theirs that year. Not only did all the ornaments have meaning, but each kid had their own collection when they fled the nest. 

Hmm, do they sell beard ornaments?


  1. yay! my mom did this too---every year on the night we decorated the tree, everyone received a present of a new ornament that had some relevance to the past year. i still love to look through them. . .a great tradition. xxa

  2. My mom did this too! I have an amazing collection of ornaments...but I always want more.