Smile Booth for Christmas, Please

We're back and Una is totally exhausted (8 days for work in London, two nights of serious partying, a sad showing by the Giants yesterday and a late return to a chilly, chilly Milwaukee). Photos to come - but in the meantime, the wedding showcased the newest version of a photo booth. Which was amazing. Addictive. One of our friends visited it no less than 30 times. And that number is conservative. Introducing: Smile Booth.

Instead of cramming into a small (though cool-looking) old school booth, this style has a free-standing screen placed before a hanging canvas backdrop. It's all open space; a mini-photography studio, if you will. Room to make a flying leap into the photo, stand on your head, fit 10 people doing the pyramid or perhaps throw a karate kick in the direction of the camera. It. Was. Awesome. And I want one for my next party. 

Slash the basement.

Rent one on your own or check to see what photographers in your area offer a Smile Booth option with their wedding/party packages. Worth. Ever. Penny.

Why yes, my plus one is Snickers. She'd like her mouse medium rare. What of it?

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