Back to School So I'm Not a Fool

Back to school, Billy Madison styles. (My freshman year at Georgetown, a high school friend called me at 2 in the morning. When I picked up the phone, a Motley Crue-style ditty awaited me: "Billy passed the first grade, oh what a beautiful day! Billy passed the first grade, in the Bill Madison waaaaay." And then Seth hung up. It was, and remains as, one of the best phone calls I ever received.)

I think Milwaukee Recreation can thank me for about 1/3 of their instructor salaries at this point. I start Sewing, Flowers for All Seasons and a one-day sushi tutorial in a few weeks. But today, I begin auditing a pre-graduate course at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: Modern Literary Theory. I'm slightly nervous for two primary reasons - I haven't been to real school in almost 10 years. (Eh, we could probably add a few more years to that number, since attending class is sort of a prerequisite for "taking" a class, and I didn't do a whole lot of that at Brown. Once, I went to the first class and then didn't show up until the final exam. Sorry, Mom and Dad. I got an A, though!) 

Second, I started the reading for this afternoon's class and I've already looked up 10 words. If I don't understand the actual English words in the texts, I may have a little difficulty with this whole 'theory' thing. I'm considering wearing glasses and an elbow patch blazer to ram home the intelligent look, since when I open my mouth the whole charade may be exposed. Do I have time to perfect a British accent before 4 PM?

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