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I've discovered a new blog.

Like me, Kyle loves all things home decor-related. And she loves a good deal (especially when it's a luxury item, the ultimate score). And she has natural blond hair. Again, just like moi. 

And then the similarities stop, because her house looks professionally done, whereas mine is . . . let's call it a perpetual work in progress. And why can't I live near the Wisteria outlet store? Colder's is a horrendous substitute. Fail, Wisconsin. 

But I digress. Meet the Knight Moves abode (see the full post by La Dolce Vita here):

Formal living room


Den/informal living room

Den/informal living room

All I can see in the photo above is the Hermes blanket. Want. One. Now. Add that to the list of things "that will happen when Hell also freezes over." I will continue to dream and scavenge eBay. Okay, the chaise, cane chair and lucite tray table are fab, too. Also really like the artwork on the wall.

And then there's this little spot of genius, one of her guest bedrooms. Though the layout has changed slightly, the proof is still in the pudding. Where, you ask? Those curtains are from Walmart. And they cost $34. Oh yeah, and they're actually a duvet cover.

Kyle ironed the duvet, attached it to the curtain rings and voila! No sewing required. The bed is beautiful, the garden stool adorable and the curtains are a great pop against the deep blue walls. I'd keep the textured white duvet in the photo above, but that's me. For more on how Kyle got the look, go here.

Photos via Knight Moves & La Dolce Vita

34 dollars!

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