City by the Bay

Some pics from our trip out west to see Dr. Blake, who Jon "has known for his entire life, but you [Blake] only knew me since you were born. I win." 

Special times and lots and lots of delicious food. I hear the tuna ceviche and plaintain chips calling me! I'm coming, friends!
"The Bridge"
San Francisco from Belvedere Island
Sonoma & Napa

Una going right to the source
WOW - White Oak Winery, also known as Worst of the Wines. 
Ooh, bad. We didn't even finish our tasting. And you know that's saying something, coming from me, "Never Leave a Glass Behind" Bloom.
As my personal Mecca, I made a run for the Napa woods, but was eventually captured and dragged back to the car. Rude.
Alcatraz . . . we shall meet you next time, my friend. I hear the ghost of Birdman calling me already. 
Sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf. Boy, were they noisy.
The hills (and electric grid lines which all public transportation uses). Saturday and Sunday I foolishly went running around Dolores Park. My legs were on fire from the steep climbs and I wisely gave up by Monday.
Graffiti Lane in the Mission

Passing trolley
Muir Woods and the redwood trees (no Sequoias here). Redwoods get up to 20 feet in diameter, are taller than a Sequoia and can live almost 400 years.


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  1. Soo fun! I am seriously impressed that you went running in San Fran. I want to vomit just thinking about those hills.