NYC in a Flash

Our trip last weekend was chock full of familiar faces and dance moves (lucky for us). Friday night Una organized a bar get-together. Highlight? Finding out one of our friends is now Chief of Staff of Corrections in New York City, complete with a fancy-looking police badge. A-ma-zing. Fancy friend took the badge out of my vise-like grip before I could slip it in my purse. I would flash that piece everywhere. Better watch yourself - she'll cut a b*tch!

Fine, Archie is the prettiest, nicest, smiliest, funniest chick and would never do that, which is why she was hired for the job and why I wouldn't make it past security. However, in my police-badass imagination, I will continue to believe she takes down dirty crims regularly. 

Saturday we headed to the wedding of Emmie and Brian in Long Island. The reception was held at Belmont Park (a horse raceway) in a tent on the grounds. Really cool - just before cocktail hour, guests watched the races. Yes, we bet, and yes, we lost every single one. Of course, some groomsmen whacked with the lucky stick won $1500. Rude. 

The bridesmaids all wore varying shades of green. Emmie looked stunning - she is a tiny little thing, with fair skin, dark, dark hair and green eyes - an Irish beauty. I love the veil with her hair, and her dress could be straight out of the 50's - a true sign of timeless taste.

All the paper goods were adorable - this was a sign for one of the buses after the reception.

After taking down the Smile Booth, inadvisedly gambling from the standing booth next to the dance floor, as well as sampling many, many cocktails, Una and I were on an 8 AM train to Manhattan to catch the horrific Giants game v. the Titans in the new stadium. Una's dad, sister Ash and boyfriend Pat joined us for some sausage and pepper sandwich tailgating. And that was the highlight, as Eli and team quickly proceeded to play like trash for the entire game. 

Great weekend for family and friends. We miss you all - come visit us in Milwaukee!
And cheers to the newlyweds!

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  1. you are too much! i love how much better my job sounds when you describe it. so great seeing you two! hope that happens again real soon!!!! xo - Archana