Since last November, when I first heard Lady Gaga would be coming to Milwaukee, I've been harassing Jon about going. And then the tickets sold out in 3 minutes. Oops. 

But just last week, surprise! Jon's work has a suite at the Bradley Center for client events and - shocker - there were no takers for the Monster Ball. What, clients don't want to see a flaming bra and thong on stage? Their loss. 

My gain. And oh boy, was it tremendous. 

First we meet band opener Semi Precious Weapons. The lead singer emerges on stage wearing a nude colored tunic shirt, cropped leather jacket with studs, nude sparkly tights covered in fishnet chaps, and bright silver sequin high-heeled boots. He is on fire like a flaming volcano - literally unlike any person I have ever seen on TV or in person (seriously, this level of originality is impressive). He proceeds to swear every other minute, strip off his shirt and fishnets on stage so that he is wearing only nude tights, a nude-colored thong and resembles the naked mannequins one might see in a revolving department store window (while bending over so we can get the full view). Clothes are then swapped for tie-dyed tights/leggings and a ripped tee shirt. Fishnets go into the crowd, along with a revolver necklace and a portion of the stage wall decor. This is followed by an announcement that "we will be signing CDs after the show in section 216 and also offering sexual favors. Show me your t*ts, Milwaukee!" Screaming/singing ensues. I was utterly speechless (with a sh*t-eating grin). One of a kind.

Finally Lady Gaga, who has been performing with Semi-Precious Weapons for 6 years, comes out to frantic screaming. 
Little Monsters (her fans)

Slideshow of gorgeous (and weird) pictures

Stage Set

Gaga singing with just the piano. Her voice is ridiculous. So, so, so good. 

Equal parts theater production, singing and Gaga talking to her fans - simply awesome. She made a point throughout the show of acknowledging how important her fans are to her and even spoke (via walkie talkie) to one hysterical concertgoer in the Upper Deck, an enormous man in a gold sequin romper. When he tearily told her that she made him believe it was okay to be himself (gold romper, high heels, balding head and all), even Jon had to admit she was an impressive role model. 

And she's only 23. 

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