Yep. James Taylor.

I'm pretty sure I need to get hired by Jon's company. Current skill set? Snarky commentator, excellent snacker, internet extraordinista. And ordained minister, a la the Universal Life Church(.com), should an emergency marital union be required.

This weekend, Una's boss threw a joint birthday party for himself and his wife (both having turned the big '65' this year) for 500 of their friends and colleagues (including many who they've met through their charity work). With this ninth month kicking my rear end, 6 PM rolled around and found me moaning in my bed a la "When Harry Met Sally" as Una left the house ready for the big bash. 

Big bash was correct. At 7:31 PM I received a text from Una that read: "The surprise musical guest is JAMES TAYLOR. Get here NOW."

Obviously I dragged my chubby bottom out of bed and made it to the last 45 minutes of his performance, and just in time for my favorite song, "Mexico." Like the giant party pooper I am these days, I waddled out the second the concert ended. Una stayed for cupcakes and the remaining festivities. The coolest part? After James Taylor left, his boss went on stage and pulled 10 names out of a bowl. [When everyone first checked into the party hours before, each was asked what charity they would donate to if they had a choice.] Una's boss donated money on the spot to each of those 10 chosen charities. So cool.

I was informed the next morning that "any future party thrown by said boss would require mandatory attendance."

I think I can be on board with this.


  1. Holy crapola - that is amazing! So glad you crawled out of bed for the party - well worth it, and a good story for the little one down the road... xoxo