I Can't Keep This Stuff Straight

Everyone says pregnancy is 9 months (39 completed weeks). But when you get down to the technicalities, it's a little different. As of today, our little Bloomberry is fully formed (meaning its lungs can function on their own outside the womb) and considered "full term." But officially, a "full term" baby is born anywhere from the 37th week to the 42nd week. Way back when, Halle Berry was lampooned for saying a pregnancy was 10 months long. It's not right, but it's not totally off. By the time you hit 42 weeks (please Lord, no), you're already into that 10th month.

Anywho, countdown is on. Sleep has gone out the window, wiener fingers are in full effect (courtesy of swollen hands - Una says my fingers aren't big enough for the medical term 'sausage fingers'), getting dressed is an unfortunate situation that involves more spandex than I care to admit, putting on non-velcro shoes makes me break out in a sweat, and my belly is so tight it feels like one wrong kick and the baby's likely to fly out of my belly button a la "Alien 3" (or Renesmee's birth in Breaking Dawn for you younger folks).

Pregnancy is a funny thing.

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