Blogger Issues: Recap

Well, I posted on Friday and apparently the internet has deleted any proof of its existence. Those embarassing and hideous photos on Facebook I wish never existed? Yeah, they'll be around for my grandchildren's grandchildren. 

I'll sum it up real quick - congrats to my youngest sister, Eliza - graduating with honors (and inducted into Phi Beta Kappa!) today! In honor of all of the graduations happening across the country, I posted a design plan from the latest issue of Nesting Newbies, created by Camila of Effortless Style for a young woman just starting out. Her budget is $2500, but I think it could easily be cut in half or more by getting all big pieces from a thrift or vintage store or (nice) garage sale. Adding in lighting, rugs, throw pillows and inexpensive artwork from big box stores or Etsy keeps the look modern and fresh. Get cracking graduates - (pages 206-207)!

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