The Dirty Thirties

Una's been trying to persuade Bloomberry through nightly chats that arriving before his 30th birthday ("so I can always tell our child that I was in my twenties and you were 31 when it was born") was its best bet. 

Alas, today arrived: no babe. 

To welcome a new decade filled with serious responsibility, Una took himself over to Home Depot and bought a big 'ol grill. I am fully supportive of any and all cooking-related activities that do not involve me. In fact, I'm pretty sure winter grilling is completely underrated.

Happy birthday, Una! 30 is the new 21. 

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  1. Happy Birthday dearest Bloom! Hell yes...grill as b-day present sounds perfect. And I agree: 30 is totally the new 21. If only the hangovers were the same.